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Family...what matters most!

Today I am planning my packing list...I am going to see my son and his family in Arizona next week! Time flies so fast, especially the older you get. I haven't seen them in over a year. Phone calls, social media, and face time just isn't always good enough. I encourage you all to take a minute, a day, a week....and spend it with someone who matters to you! Of course, we will have family pix taken! Some by me, some by whoever is brave enough to capture me in a photo....but they will be taken, and I will be in them! I wanted to lose weight, but I am who I am, and my family loves me for that. So be brave....just do it! I will be back in time for fall break here in anyone who isn't going out of town....I will be glad to make sure you look good in your family pix!

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